FlashDisk RA-2U24

The COTS Rugged FlashDisk All Flash Array – Simply Faster.

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FlashDisk RA-2U24, shown in anodized black, offers 92 TB with 24 SSDs to 3.84 TB each – ideal for mobile applications – providing field reliability and data protection at COTS prices.

FlashDisk RA-2U24 with 1U mounting tray shown in US Navy Gray.

FlashDisk RA-2U24 rear view with 1U mounting tray.

Rugged 1U mounting tray fully extends for rear service access from the front.

Pushbuttons designed for “gloved hands,” shown US Army Green.

The RA-2U24 Series supports 276 TB with 2U24 expansions shelves.

RA-2U24 – Fully Populated with Host Boards.

Interior view of mounting tray.

Rugged unit on mounting tray with aluminum ball-bearing rails fully extended for rear access.

    Rugged 1U Tray Advantages

    • Provides easy access to system
      -Ballbearing aluminum rails, or
      heavy-duty steel slide rails
      -Full extension from rack
      -Rear access from front
      -Saves 3 ft of service space in rear
      -Front handle for pulling tray
    • Adds torsion strength and rigidity
    • Increases shock and crash tolerance

    Rugged 1U Tray Configuration

    • Customizable tray functionality
      -Add UPS module into tray
      -Add EMI filters into tray
      -Add AC/DC power inverter
      -Add twist-lock power connectors
      -Enables special cable routing
    • Short 21” depth matches system
      and accommodates shallow racks
    • Lightweight aluminum  construction

    COTS Rugged FlashDisk All Flash Array

    FlashDisk RA-2U24 is a rugged version of an All Flash Array offering high performance levels and Fibre Channel and iSCSI host connectivity support.

    The RA-2U24 has been designed to store data in native format without compression or de-duplication. Why?  We view them as technologies designed to solve legacy problems based on older flash technologies.  With the advent of newer, higher density enterprise class flash drives, we simply don’t need compression or de-duplication to build a cost competitive, high performance array.  With the RA-2U24, your data is never modified from its original format, so there’s no risk of data loss due to de-duplication hashing conflicts, or compression or de-duplication table corruption. Your data is always secure, always protected.

    These RA-2U24  “COTS Rugged” disk arrays are designed to MIL-STD 810E/833E to store and protect data in harsh operating environments: tolerating levels of dust, moisture, shock and vibration not possible with standard commercial units – but far less expensive than fully rugged systems.  It supports 24 2.5” SSDs or SED capable SSDs per shelf and provides up to 92 TB of storage in the base unit, expandable to 276 TB.

    The RA-2U24 is the next generation of the rugged array already approved by the US Army for field use and deployed worldwide in HUMVEE communication trailers. The front door is crafted of 3/4-inch milled aluminum to provide rigidity, structural integrity and prevent flying-object hazards. It also contains a heavy-duty filter to trap dust particles and provide a moisture shield to protect internal components. The LCD front panel is easily viewed by field personnel, is EMI shielded, and uses heavy-duty “positive feel” pushbuttons. The door also features a dust and raindrop seal. Optionally, the US Army, Navy and Air Force mount the unit to a chassis using five bolts, secured in a triangulated pattern for strength, to a Rugged 1U Tray for land, sea and air operations.

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    MIL-STD 810E/833E; NEBS Level 3: Environmental, shock and vibration.

    200G Shock: Tested for the US Navy to withstand 200G shock with 1U mounting tray.

    Milled Aluminum Door: 3/4″ milled aluminum provides rigidity and structural integrity; dust and raindrop seal.

    Reusable Air Filter: Dust and moisture protection, field proven in harsh environments, washable.

    Rugged LCD: Shatterproof LCD protects display under harsh usage and is EMI shielded.

    Gloved Access: Heavy duty “positive feel” LCD pushbuttons and door thumbscrews for gloved use.

    Front Access Power Switch: Perfect when no rear access.

    SEDs & Secure Erase:  Self Encrypted Drives (AES-256) with FIPS 140-2 validation, Seagate Instant Secure Erase.

    Auto Power On: Unit restarts after brownouts and blackouts.

    Transit Case: Field deployable transit case available.

    1U Tray: Mounting tray secured to chassis by five bolts to in triangulated pattern for strength.

    Choice of Finish: Doors and trays painted or anodized neutral black, US Army green, US Navy grey or custom color.

    Batteryless Operation: For fire safety, RAID unit runs without Lithium Ion battery and data written only to disk.

    SSDs for Vibration Resistance: SSDs are finally affordable and offer capacity to 2 TB each.

    Silent Running: Includes fan speed control to maintain low noise levels when needed.

    System Options
    Advanced Storage Services Increases snapshots from 64 to 256 per volume; from 128 to 4,096 total and increases volume copies from 64 to 256 total.
    LUN Masking Enables volume protection needed in SAN environment.
    RA-2U24 RAID Base Unit
    RAID controller Single/Dual redundant 64-bit, 13th generation controller
    RAID levels supported 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 1+0, 15, 16, 30, 50, 60
    Host interfaces Up to 20 ports – 1GbE, 10GbE fiber, FC 8Gb, FC 16Gb
    Expansion shelf interface SAS 12Gb, 4 lanes – 48 Gb per port – up to 192 Gb per array
    # SSDs – Total capacity 24 (2.5”) SSDs in 2U24 base; 276 TB max. with two (2) 2U24 expansions
    On-line capacity expansion Automatically adds new drives to existing array – “on-the-fly”
    Cache memory capacity 16 GB per controller, included standard
    Non-volatile cache Super Capacitor powered backup to flash memory
    Maximum LUN size 512 TB
    Maximum number of LUNs 1024 total, 64 per host ID
    Maximum number of hosts 64 Fibre Channel
    LUN mapping/filtering Configurable per logical partition
    Host adapters available for PCI-X, PCI Express
    Power supplies and AC inlets Dual hot-swap redundant 530 W each; dual AC inlets
    RAX2U24 Expansion Shelves
    Expansion architecture Dual/Quad SAS (Serial Attach SCSI) bus
    Expansion shelf architecture Multiplexed access to each drive within the shelf
    Maximum drives/capacity 24 (2.5”) SSDs per shelf to 92 TB each; up to two (2) expansion shelves
    Removable drive trays Hot swappable; individual drive locks
    Power supplies Dual hot-swappable; 530 Watts each;320 Watts typical draw
    Cooling system Dual hot-swappable fan modules
    Active components No active data path components on the midplane
    S.E.S. monitoring controllers Dual, hot-swappable SCSI Enclosure Services modules
    Controls and Indicators
    LCD front operation panel 2 x 16 character display, push button controls.
    LED indicators LED power, battery, controller, and system status
    Alerting Audible and visual alerts
    Component failure Failure indication through LCD and GUI
    LCD front operating console View/edit logical RAID/physical drives, setup hot-spare drives, map hosts, check parity, enable write-back cache, rebuild failed drive, view logs…
    Storage Management
    Event notification Automatic event and problem alert notification
    FlashAlert call home service 24-hour call center available for immediate action
    Manage out of band Ethernet
    FlashDisk Global Manager GUI Manage storage services of multiple FlashDisks from any web browser
    Environmental MIL-STD 810E/833E
    Shock operating (half-sine) 5G, 11 ms pulse width
    Vibration operating (random) 5-500 Hz, (0.25 gm operating, 1.00 gm non-operating), X/Y/Z, 30 min.
    Vibration operating (sine) 5-500 Hz, (0.20 gm operating, 1.00 gm non-operating), X/Y/Z, 60 min.
    Acoustic Noise 65 dBA boundary, 60 dBA normal
    Humidity 5% to 90% operating, 5% to 95% non-operating (non-condensing)
    Altitude 12,000 feet operating, 40,000 feet non-operating
    Temperature 0° to 40° C operating, -40° to 60° C non-operating
    Redundant AC power Dual 90-260 VAC Inlet, 47-63 Hz
    Power consumption 100 VAC @ 6/10A; 240 VAC @ 3/5 A; 530 W with PFC; 340 W draw
    RAID unit dimensions 3.5″h x 17.5″w x 21″d
    RAID unit weight Approximately 50 lbs. fully loaded with drives
    Cooling system Two dual hot-swap, ball bearing blowers; 60 dB-A
    Compliance FCC, UL, CE, CSA
    Warranty & Service
    Standard warranty Standard one year next day on site, advanced part replacement and toll free
    hotline during business hours (M-F, 8 AM – 5 PM)
    Service contracts Optional 24×7 on-site service, spare parts and advance parts replacement
    Secure site Customizable service programs for classified sites
    Installation and service On-site installation; 24×7 service available